Monday, April 5, 2010

Bangladeshi Fruits

Bangladesh is the darling child of Nature. She has made her child rich with various fruits. The soil of bangladesh is very fertile. So many kinds of fruits grow in different seasons all over the bangladesh. The fruits are not only tasteful and delicious but also rich in done value. Every house in bangladesh grows various kinds of fruits.The most widely cultivated fruits are mango, jackfruit, black berry, pineapple, banana, litchi, lemon, guava, custard apple, wood apple, elephant apple, golden apple, Indian berry, papaya, tamarind, melon, watermelon, cashew nut, pomegranate, palmyra, plum, rose apple, Indian olive, and Indian jujube. There are many minor edible fruits that are locally available in the wild and are also cultivated, such as latkan, monkey jack, uriam, rattan, river ebony, garcinia, water coconut, wild date palm, etc.

A few fruits are available throughout the year. These are the papaya, sapodilla, coconut and banana. The common imported fruits are orange, apple, pomegranate, grape, date, and mandarin.


raystrips said...

may i know the name of the fruit in the lowerleft side? tks

KASHEM ALI said...

Boroi (bangladesh+ west bengal), Jujube mostly known in usa.....

abidanis said...

thise is a awesome side

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